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Hair Extensions at Salon of Gems (Gege) Salon Redbourn St Albans

and gain instant CONFIDENCE


We offer Tapes, Micro & Nano rings, and Micro Weft Hair Extensions which range in lengths from 16 inches to 24 inches. 

We suggest between 1-2 hours for the application depending on the type of method you choose. .

The maintenance of each technique is vital to ensure the most amount of wear of the hair which will be explained on consultation. Generally it’s between 6-8 weeks maintenance appointments to come back into the salon and have the extensions removed and put back in. 

The supplier used for our Hair Extensions are Euphoria One and Remi Cachet. They are high quality Russian hair which can last up to 12 months.

Our Techniques listed are very different, please book a free consultation to discuss what would be best for your hair. 

All prices are subject to your own needs and want for the hair, and are discussed in full depth throughout your consultation with your stylist.

Before and After Hair Extension in Salon of Gems

We Got Crowned Best Hair Extension Specialist of the Year 2023,
Setting New Standards in the Industry!

2023 Finalist Salon of Gems Hair Extensions Specialist HBA 2023 Award

A Heartfelt Thank You for Your Unwavering Support to Our Salon!

TAPES 16-22

Tapes are our most popular selection for clients creating 1-inch wide pre-taped hair wefts that get tape-in in between your own hair like a sandwich.

This method is 100% natural, required no use of heated tools or chemicals, the hair is reusable, and can last up to 9-12 months if maintained properly.

Tapes are used to create volume on all hair lengths and textures! It is completely versatile and invisible so you cannot see you are wearing them!

Tapes 16-22 Hair Extension Salon of Gems Redbourn St Albans


Micro Weft (Non-Braided) 16-24 Hair Extension Salon of Gems Redbourn St Albans

Micro rings are attached to the hair being clamped flat to secure the hair in place, the weft is then measured to size and weaved into placed securing the weave to the micro ring. 

This technique is used to give maximum volume and can be used on all hair types however you do need to have the hair strength to hold the weight of a weft. This technique is also fabulous for Afro Hair too.


Small beads are attached to the hair with a single strand of hair (Micros are little bigger than Nanos) depending on the thickness of your hair would depend on what would suit you better. 

Super fine hair or wanting to fill out the sides nanos would be perfect.

Micro and Nano Rings (16-24) Hair Extension Salon of Gems Redbourn St Albans


If you find your hair is thinner around the sides or only the back you can have just one pack of tapes to fill in the gaps and make you feel more confident!

Please Note:

  • A non-refundable deposit will be taken for the booking on consultation which will be deducted from your final payment. All prices are dependent on the length and time needed, your complete price will be given during your consultation with your stylist.

  • We also offer curly extensions too 

  • Removal of Extensions are £50. 

  • To remove and re-fit the same hair extensions: This will be your maintenance every 6-8 weeks which also includes a Cut and Finish. 

  • Removal of Tape extensions for a full head - We remove the extensions 24 hours prior to re-fitting them, Within this time we wash, dry, and straighten and re-tape the extensions beforehand to then be ready to put them back into the hair.

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